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Puppy Training Success Stories with Furrylicious® in NJ


Training a puppy can be a challenging endeavor, and the stories of successful pups can provide both inspiration and guidance. Let’s discuss some delightful narratives where puppies have surpassed their training hurdles at Furrylicious in NJ.

Learning Basic Commands: Bella’s Tale

Bella, a stubborn Boxer, struggled initially to grasp basic commands. Furrylicious’s patient and effective training techniques payed off. Bella mastered “sit,” “stay,” “paw,” “down,” and “come” in a little over three weeks.

Housebreaking Triumph: Cooper’s Growth

Cooper, an energetic Labrador retriever had some housebreaking concerns. Furrylicious’s experienced training recommendations strongly suggest reward-based training, associating good behavior with treats and praise. Cooper’s housebreaking issue was resolved within a few weeks.

Socializing Achievements: Milo’s Progress

Milo, a shy Shih Tzu found it challenging to interact with other pups. Furrylicious focused on gradual socialization experiences in controlled environments. Today, Milo enjoys being around his doggie peers.

Question: What is Furrylicious Puppy Training Philosophy?

Furrylicious believes in an empathetic, reward-based system. The dog-friendly training methods are fun, interactive, and manageable for both the pet and its owner.


Furrylicious continues to foster and celebrate countless puppy training success stories. Their devoted staff takes every opportunity to love and socialize your puppy while in our care, giving them an early and  confident start. Our empathetic training tips and suggestions will bring out the best in your puppy, shaping them into obedient and well-adjusted dogs.