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Denise C.

Customer Comments: After four years with my Maltese - female named Mia, I'm more in love with her than ever! She came to us through Furrylicious in an happenstance way; my husband and I can't thank both Stephanie and Cindy enough, nor can we express just how special Mia is and what she means to us. Along with my endorsement of Furrylicious, I feel compelled to state with convinction that the activists who continually try to take down reputable businesses like Furrylicious dismay and discourage me. EVERY pet needs a home, a safe home, whether a rescue, or from a reputable breeder, and/or boutique shop like Furrylicious. Activists should focus their energy on the humans who abuse dogs - and other pets - and try to stop the cycle of mistreatment, abandonment, and abuse. We met our Mia when she was 8 weeks new. She was cared for and loved by the Furrylicious team. We extended that love to our Mia when we took her to our home. She's lucky to have us; we're luckier to have her.  She adds so much joy to us and enriches our home. She goes everywhere with us, to the extent possible and is happy and healthy. I dare anyone to tell me I should have a rescue vs Mia from Furrylicious. Thank you, Stephanie & Cindy. We and Mia love you and Furrylicious. The Maltas

Gail W.

Customer Comments: I bought my Maltese from this shop and I must say she is the best dog I ever owned. She is smart healthy and lots of fun!  I kept going to the shop for my "puppy fix" but finally met the dog for me but because I couldn't have a puppy at my rental they kept her for a month until I moved into my own place. I would pick her up and take her out and when I returned her she practically leaped out of my arms because she loved being at this shop so much (which means she had really excellent care!). All the dogs in this shop are all so happy and healthy!  And they are constantly keeping on top of the dogs "messes" they leave behind. I am so thrilled that we have a venue where we can buy happy and healthy dogs!

Jessica M.

Customer Comments: I have brought my German Shepherd in to get groomed forever, hes a rescue so he has a bit of trouble getting used to people. But the owner and staff were patient and gentle with my big guy and he warmed up and loves going there now. One day when I dropped him off I was walking in and spotted the other love of my life (besides my shephard sammie) a perfect little yorkipoo who I named Loki, let me just tell you I was the absolute worst new mommy ever with this guy Everything he did worried me! They helped me through all my anxieties from him being a picky eater(they actually sent me home with food they knew he liked) to him being a quiet little guy. My guys love Cindy and her staff just as much as they love me! When I say "who wants to go to furrylicious" they get excited and run to the door! I can't thank you enough Cindy for not only taking care of my beautiful rescue, but for giving us a new addition to our family! We love you so much and cant tell you enough how much you have forever changed our lives! It makes me sad to read these negative reviews from people who clearly don't know you guys! I have been a faithful furrylicious fanatic! And its because they have an awesome, clean, friendly establishment!!! With my busy schedule as a real estate agent sometimes its hard to make time to get my fur babies in but they are so flexible and accommodating. Thank you again for all the wonderful ways youve impacted our lives :)

Stevie L.

Customer Comments: I can't even stress enough about how amazing my experience is at Furrylicious. Any time my dad is having a bad day or in the mood to get a puppy fix he knows the place to go. The owner and staff are extremely educated on the puppies and can answer all my questions. The store is very clean and spacious for the puppies. If your looking for a pup, look at Furrylicious!

Mary M.

Customer Comments: I visited Furrylicious this past weekend and was very impressed. You would never know there were several puppies living in this space if you could not see them. There is positively no smell, the space is clean and bright and the puppies seem very content. Although we haven't purchased a puppy yet, I don't see any reason to look anywhere else. The staff here was very helpful and patient and answered all of our questions.

Dave F.

Customer Comments: Our experience with Furrylicious was top notch.  They have a great selection of puppies and it's hard to choose from because you want to take them all home :)  Cindy allowed us to have playtime with the puppy so we could spend time with him before making our final decision.  The staff was super friendly and extremely helpful.  You can tell they really love what they do.  Cindy answered all of our questions and educated us along the way without any pressure.  The entire experience has been smooth and memorable for my family.  The kids can't stop smiling and everyone keeps asking where we found our new family member.  The paperwork was detailed and well put together so we have all the up to date medical records / certificate for our pup.  I would definitely visit Furrylicious in the future for our next puppy based on the amazing experience my family had.  Thanks again Cindy and staff.  Well done.

Jo F.

Customer Comments: Recently bought my mini goldendoodle here and I cannot believe how amazing the experice was! The owner and her staff were such a great help and helped me pick out my perfect little love bug. They have such beautiful dogs and each of them were in clean and happy environments. 100% would reccomend to anyone in search for a puppy!!! She is  very happy, healthy, and thriving in our home.

Ella M.

Customer Comments: This store is gorgeous and so clean. The puppies are adorable and kept in such great shape.  From what I saw, these dogs are treated with lots of tender loving care. The staff is very knowledgeable and friendly.

Kathleen D.

Customer Comments: I walked into furrylicious after a very bad pet buying experience online. Our online deal was a scam, it was the week of Christmas and I was heartbroken. I was set in getting a shih tzu, and the owner and staff told Me there was a puppy arriving that day. While Speaking with them, the cutest yellow Labrador caught my eye. With in a few minutes I picked her up and trust was it-- love at first sight. The staff and owner were so wonderful! They offered financing to me if needed, vet recommendations. Food recommendations. And told that when I got my puppy checked by my vet of Choice should there be any ailments to contact them Immediately . None of that was necessary, but it was a nice reassurance. Anyway we have had our girl for close to three month, and  she is a happy healthy labrador. Things work out the way they are supposed to!

Jeni K.

Customer Comments: I can't imagine my mom with out Jack,  Cindy Thank You our now celebrity has such heart He is such a good guy.

Amanda M.

Customer Comments: I got a yellow lab from here a few years ago and since then I've gotten 2 more dogs from here. The staff is so friendly and helpful. We still bring our dogs here to pick out new toys. The shop is always clean and all of our pups have been healthy. I will continue to give them my business when it comes to toys, treats and even other friends for my pups!

Julio R.

Customer Comments: I recently purchased an English bulldog from Furrylicious. Hulk, my other English bulldog who was also purchased there loves his new baby sister. I am excited to have her! She is adorable.

Apryl N.

Customer Comments: I was so impressed with how clean Furrylicious was and how healthy and happy all the puppies were. The staff and owner were all a delight to deal with. They were extremely friendly and very knowledgeable. It was very obvious how much they loved all the puppies. It's great to be able to come somewhere and interact with the puppies to make sure that they are a good fit for you. I purchased a mini Berniedoodle that is by far the most darling puppy. My vet assured me that I truly got a great puppy. Thank you Furrylicious for a great experience all around!

Susan Lockner

Customer Comments: Lovely puppies from responsible breeders. Great grooming services and wonderful accessories and clothing. I have two chihuahuas from furrylicious. They are now 5 and 6 years old. They are healthy great additions to our family no health issues.

Susan L

Customer Comments: Beautiful puppies from responsible breeders. I have two chihuahuas from here. Both well behaved and healthy. Great accessories snd clothes. Nice staff and great grooming services. Providing healthy happy puppies for families is a passion and hobby for the owner Cindy. She loves dogs and promotes adoption as an alternative to shopping.

Susan L

Customer Comments: Beautiful puppies from responsible breeders. I have two chihuahuas from here. Both well behaved and healthy. Great accessories snd clothes. Nice staff and great grooming services. Providing healthy happy puppies for families is a passion and hobby for the owner Cindy. She loves dogs and promotes adoption as an alternative to shopping.

Carissa Tozzi

Customer Comments: I had an absolutely wonderful experience at Furrylicious. The staff was so incredibly helpful & knowledgeable. They made my family and I comfortable throughout the whole process of purchasing the new addition. I left there feeling confident with all questions answered & ready to be the best puppy owner. Cindy & Jess were so professional & pleasant & seem truly sincere in expressing interest in being apart of the journey to being a new puppy owner. I will most definitely highly recommend Furrylicious to coworkers, friends & family.

Kara Thornton

Customer Comments: I had the most amazing and loving experience with Cindy and Furrylicious. Cindy and her staff guided me to find the perfect puppy for me and my boys. They were so patient and supportive as they matched me with the most adorable puppy that fit my personality just right. When she got a small cold Cindy personally took special care of her, she had me drop her off for 3 days to watch her to ensure she remained healthy and happy. I am so grateful and happy. My puppy (Princess Leia) is amazing. Thx you so much for taking care of my baby.

Carol Janssen

Customer Comments: We had the most amazing experience buying our beautiful Cavapoo from Furrylicious. The store is spotless, the puppies are happy and clean, and the staff is extremely helpful. We asked a lot of questions and they had all the answers for us. We went right to our Vet for an initial puppy visit and the puppy is nice and healthy. The Vet had only good things to say about her. I highly recommend Furrylicious if you are looking for your next Furry addition to your family. Love, Love, Love!

Rodriguez Family

Customer Comments: Great experience! We got our mini Goldendoodle here and Jess was amazing!! I can’t say enough goood things about her. She was super helpful, sent a video and pictures when we called about the puppies and was so informative and patient when we came to play. She also insisted we call her with any questions or concerns when we got home with our fur baby. This place sells the most adorable puppy accessories and if we weren’t two hours away we’d be there all the time spoiling our new girl ❤️

The SJ Rodriguez Family

Customer Comments: This place is great! We saw mini golden doodles online and called about them. Jess answered our questions and sent pictures and a video. When we came in Jess was Great!! No words to really say how helpful she was. She was just very informative and patient. She texted us after we got home with our new fur baby and periodically to see how she was adjusting to her new home. And the store has the cutest accessories, if we went two hours away we would be there all the time. Great experience, we highly recommend to anyone looking for a puppy. We’re so in love with our new Mini Goldendoodle ❤️Thanks Jess and Furrylicious 😘

Jen Wolicki

Customer Comments: Furrylicious staff were great to me and my family while we went through the process of purchasing our Abby, “Mini Goldendoodle” . the puppy areas were clean and all the puppies seemed so happy . The store had a great variety of anything you may need for your furry friend. 🐾🐶🐾 Ladies, Thanks again for making this process quick and easy . Abby is the perfect puppie for our family ! You all ROCK 🐾.

Jen Wolicki

Customer Comments: Fabulous place and people ! We purchased our mini Goldendoodle “Abby” from Furrylicious and I can’t say enough positive things about Cindy and her staff ! Abby is healthy and happy in her forever home. 🐾🐶. Thank you again Cindy and staff.

David F.

Customer Comments: Cindy and her staff welcomed me and my family yet again when we came back to visit her store recently. Even after we purchased our puppy Otto, she was more than willing to help make sure he was healthy and was adjusting well. Our puppy is bringing us so much joy and memories. Thank you Cindy for providing great service before and after the sale.

Patricia Nassim

Customer Comments: This place is amazing! I give the staff and Owner beyond 5 stars! I picked up my baby girl on Tuesday and my current dog Charlie and I couldn't be more satisfied and thrilled. My baby girl is so loving and sweet. She plays wonderful with Charlie and is very content with her new home. She is training very well. I highly recommend checking this boutique out if you are looking for a furry little companion! Thank you Furrylicious for being truly dedicated and knowledgeable on your products and furry little friends!


Customer Comments: I would recommend this store to anyone! In fact, I have begun to do so. The service here is fantastic. The expertise in puppies is that of only experience and passion. The staff here expressed a great deal of care and enthusiasm about their puppies. My Girlfriend and I took home a beautiful little puppy who had a bit of a cold and the staff there made sure the pup was okay before handing him to us. I couldn’t be happier with this pup. Great place to get a new family member 🙌🏽

peter clarke

Customer Comments: nala chose me great pup great staff nice clean store my niece named her bailey will be back

Rob and Kathleen Scheuermann

Customer Comments: I have been searching for the perfect little puppy to join our family for about a month now. Last week, I came across this amazing puppy boutique by chance, while searching online for puppies. From the very first email and text, Cindy and the staff at Puppylicious were amazingly helpful, kind and easy to work with. Buying a puppy is a life changing decision and having people that know what they are talking about with the puppies, breeds, supplies and training makes the decision that much easier. After texting and emailing Cindy for a few days, we made our way to the Boutique to see the puppy we had our eyes on and thank goodness we did, because the store was packed with other happy people and families buying puppies! We played with our beautiful Havanese puppy for a while in one of the playrooms, not feeling pressured or stressed. The store was beautiful and clean and the puppies all were happy, playful and clean too! We can't thank Cindy and the staff of Puppylicious enough for our beautiful new addition. The supplies, toys, beds and accessories for the puppies are awesome too! Thank you so much for being so fantastic with the purchase of our new family member. Her big sister loves her all ready .

Jaclyn Martinelli

Customer Comments: Absolute BEST STORE!! Not only did my family and I get to receive the best dog in the world but this store is so friendly, so clean and so great!! I definitely recommend coming to this store because we got the best Mini Whoodle. She is so well behaved, she had all her shots, and was in such great shape when we got her! I LOVE THIS STORE!!


Customer Comments: Best dog ever bought from furrylicious. Yorkiepoo now almost 6 years old.

Raquel Cerrito

Customer Comments: Absolutely love the staff. They're dedicated to what they do. The store is adorable and puppy's are beautiful and healthy. Couldn't ask for a better puppy!

Steve M

Customer Comments: This store is AMAZING!!!!! the store is super clean along with the puppies. The staff is super friendly and knowledgeable. I am a real customer, I was not told to write a review or do not work there. I walked in one day and heard ALOT of loyal customers say good things about furrylicious. I got my cavapoochon (Bailey) here 3 months ago. I had 2 different vets check him out and said the puppy was 100% HEALTHY and said what a beautiful puppy, where did you get him from? I have a rescue dog and he needed another playmate so we got him a puppy. We had tried other rescue dogs for him but were not a good match. In some cases rescue dogs are not always a good fit for people who already have dogs. I am already planning on getting my other puppy (sheltie) from here. I hope this review highlights the outstanding service I received by the owner, the manager(Jess) and the staff.

Francesca Italia

Customer Comments: This is a great store!!! Unfortunately, I cannot have pets in my community but I can visit Furrylicious for a "Puppy Fix" whenever I want. The puppies are adorable and so excited to interact with people. The products are attractive and the store is very well done. The staff is knowledgeable and attentive to both puppies and clients. Can't wait till my next visit to see these adorable animals.

Weston Knowles

Customer Comments: Two puppies from Furrylicious are happy and healthy in our home. One is a Lhasapoo and one is a Morkie. Great pups!

Fresh Start

Customer Comments: We bought our puppy from Cindy. What a fabulous place. The puppies are well cared for and Cindy was very helpful..

Andrea Zembilis

Customer Comments: Furrulyliciois is such a wonder store. Cindy the owner and her entire staff are so helpful and knowledgeable. We are so happy with our Maltipoo. The store is impeccably clean. I cannot say enough about how wonderful the store is!

Samantha DeLucia

Customer Comments: I was never a fan of puppy stores but one visit to Furrylicious and I left with the perfect puppy! I could not be happier and the Furrylicious staff made sure I was ready for this responsibility. She was not cheap but she had most of her vaccinations and microchip already done which surprised my vet on our first visit. Furrylicious was such a great experience I highly recommend. My family jokes that I got a trained puppy because she is so well behaved!

Ashley Knowles

Customer Comments: I got the absolute best Lhasa-Poo from Furrylicious almost 4 years ago. Reesey pup is the happiest and healthiest dog I know and I am beyond thankful for Furrylicious for bringing her into my life!

Squirrelly ExDee

Customer Comments: Beautiful store stocked with all of my puppies needs. Great atmosphere and the staff is very welcoming and informative. I will definitely be coming back. :)

Gabrielle Pacella

Customer Comments: I love this shop! The staff is welcoming and the puppies are adorable. Everything is nice and clean and well taken care of. Very "unique" boutique and a pleasant buying experience when looking for a puppy. I referred many people here after I bought my Teddy Bear, Charlotte.

  • PLEASE READ: These are beautiful, professionally bred puppies available for SALE.

    They are NOT rescue dogs. These puppies are priced accordingly. If you are looking to ADOPT a homeless pet, please look for a reputable, local shelter or rescue.