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Raquel Cerrito

Customer Comments: Absolutely love the staff. They're dedicated to what they do. The store is adorable and puppy's are beautiful and healthy. Couldn't ask for a better puppy!

Steve M

Customer Comments: This store is AMAZING!!!!! the store is super clean along with the puppies. The staff is super friendly and knowledgeable. I am a real customer, I was not told to write a review or do not work there. I walked in one day and heard ALOT of loyal customers say good things about furrylicious. I got my cavapoochon (Bailey) here 3 months ago. I had 2 different vets check him out and said the puppy was 100% HEALTHY and said what a beautiful puppy, where did you get him from? I have a rescue dog and he needed another playmate so we got him a puppy. We had tried other rescue dogs for him but were not a good match. In some cases rescue dogs are not always a good fit for people who already have dogs. I am already planning on getting my other puppy (sheltie) from here. I hope this review highlights the outstanding service I received by the owner, the manager(Jess) and the staff.

Francesca Italia

Customer Comments: This is a great store!!! Unfortunately, I cannot have pets in my community but I can visit Furrylicious for a "Puppy Fix" whenever I want. The puppies are adorable and so excited to interact with people. The products are attractive and the store is very well done. The staff is knowledgeable and attentive to both puppies and clients. Can't wait till my next visit to see these adorable animals.

Weston Knowles

Customer Comments: Two puppies from Furrylicious are happy and healthy in our home. One is a Lhasapoo and one is a Morkie. Great pups!

Fresh Start

Customer Comments: We bought our puppy from Cindy. What a fabulous place. The puppies are well cared for and Cindy was very helpful..

Andrea Zembilis

Customer Comments: Furrulyliciois is such a wonder store. Cindy the owner and her entire staff are so helpful and knowledgeable. We are so happy with our Maltipoo. The store is impeccably clean. I cannot say enough about how wonderful the store is!

Samantha DeLucia

Customer Comments: I was never a fan of puppy stores but one visit to Furrylicious and I left with the perfect puppy! I could not be happier and the Furrylicious staff made sure I was ready for this responsibility. She was not cheap but she had most of her vaccinations and microchip already done which surprised my vet on our first visit. Furrylicious was such a great experience I highly recommend. My family jokes that I got a trained puppy because she is so well behaved!

Ashley Knowles

Customer Comments: I got the absolute best Lhasa-Poo from Furrylicious almost 4 years ago. Reesey pup is the happiest and healthiest dog I know and I am beyond thankful for Furrylicious for bringing her into my life!

Squirrelly ExDee

Customer Comments: Beautiful store stocked with all of my puppies needs. Great atmosphere and the staff is very welcoming and informative. I will definitely be coming back. :)

Gabrielle Pacella

Customer Comments: I love this shop! The staff is welcoming and the puppies are adorable. Everything is nice and clean and well taken care of. Very "unique" boutique and a pleasant buying experience when looking for a puppy. I referred many people here after I bought my Teddy Bear, Charlotte.

  • PLEASE READ: These are beautiful, professionally bred puppies available for SALE.

    They are NOT rescue dogs. These puppies are priced accordingly. If you are looking to ADOPT a homeless pet, please look for a reputable, local shelter or rescue.