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A Day in the Life of a Furrylicious® Puppy in NJ

With their boundless energy and adorable antics, puppies bring a unique joy into our lives. Stepping into a day in the life of a Furrylicious puppy in NJ allows us to see the world from their perspective and appreciate the simple pleasures they find in their daily routine.

A Joyful Awakening

The day begins with a stretch and a yawn, the sight of the sunrise indicating that it’s time to start a new adventure. With an enthusiastic wag of the tail, the Furrylicious puppy leaps off its soft doggy bed and begins its day.

The Breakfast Scramble

Breakfast is the first thing on the agenda. There’s a special excitement when they hear the clink of kibble being poured into their bowl. They eat with a gusto, savoring every bite of the nutritional meal carefully selected for them. Puppies are constantly growing, after all, and they need their nutrients to fuel the energy for a day full of fun.

The Great Outdoors

Next, it’s time to go outside. The great outdoors is a fascinating place for them, filled with different smells, sights, and textures to explore. Whether it’s playing fetch in the backyard or going for a walk in the park, this is a great opportunity for the Furrylicious puppy to burn off that morning energy.

Afternoon Nap

After lunch, it’s time for an afternoon nap. Yes, puppies sleep a lot. They have a lot of growing to do, and all that running around can really tire them out. A good sleep allows them to recharge and dream of all the exciting things the rest of the day holds.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What do Furrylicious puppies like to play with? The important thing is for your puppy to have a variety of toys and activities with different colors, shapes, sizes and textures.
  2. How much sleep do puppies need? A lot! Puppies can sleep about 20 hours a day. We also advise that after about 20 – 30 minutes of playtime, your puppy gets a good nap or at least a rest and some cuddle time.
  3. What is the diet of Furrylicious puppies? High-quality, nutritious puppy chow is the best thing for puppies but sometimes your puppy may be picky and need some savory “wet” food mixed in. People food should be kept to a minimum but sometimes a little savory chicken, scrambled, eggs, cooked ground beef or yogurt or cottage cheese may be needed to help entice them. Also, while training treats are ok, you should not overdue it and they are not a substitute for good puppy chow.

The Evening Fun

Once they have had their afternoon nap, and a trip outside to do their business, Furrylicious puppies are ready for more action. The evening is often filled with more play, perhaps a chew toy or a friendly game of tug-of-war. And let’s not forget dinner! The second feeding of the day is much like the first, greeted with gusto and enthusiasm.

Wrapping up the Night

As nighttime falls, after a final walk outside, it’s time for the Furrylicious puppy to wind down with a few cuddles on the lap, followed by a bedtime story, if it’s lucky. And then it’s back to the doggy bed, ready to reboot for another day of frolicking fun.


Being a Furrylicious puppy in NJ is a daily adventure filled with games, naps, meals, and the chance to explore the world. Every sunrise brings a new day of exploration, bonding and the opportunity to spread joy everywhere they go.