Your Pup is Pooped!

As pet parents, one of the most endearing things to do is watch your pup sleep.

They’re just so stinkin’ cute and at times, even in their sleep, they’re quite entertaining. Sometimes they look peaceful and other times they look like they’re putting up a fight, with no enemy in sight! We have spent time watching our Bichon Frise puppies for sale and we have to say that they equally adorable asleep as they are awake! Ever wonder what’s behind their sleeping positions and twitching? Read on to learn more about those sleeping beauties.

Tummy Time

This position is as obvious as its name, but sometimes referred to as the “Superman.” Your pup is lying flat on its tummy. Because they’re so young, puppies tend to need to nap often and this position puts them in, well…a position, where they can pop up at a moment’s notice to check out their surroundings. Dogs that sleep like this refuse to miss out on any action.

On The Side

When you see your Bichon Frise puppies sleeping on their side, this is a sign that they’re comfortable and feel pretty safe in their environment. Pups that sleep like this seems to be relaxed. They may switch positions if someone or someplace is unfamiliar with them. When they’re on their side, their limbs are free to move and you may see twitching and kicking commonly.

Back Down and Paws Up

This is a funny position. If you purchased something other than one of our Bichon Frise puppies for sale, you’ll still think the same thing. Though it may be comical, there’s some practicality to it. When dogs sleep on their backs it helps to keep them cool. When you see dogs resting like this, rest assured that they are beyond comfortable in their surroundings! They couldn’t be more relaxed or feel more secure. They haven’t a care in the world!

Balled Up

This is one of the more common positions that you’ll see while dogs are sleeping, especially in fall and winter months. Haven’t you seen pics of big dogs plopped down in doggy beds fit for small Bichon Frise puppies? They are literally curled up in a ball, nose-to-tail. It’s hilarious! Their movements are restricted so you’ll see less twitching and dancing in their sleep! Dogs in the wild sleep like this often to protect vital organs and conserve heat. This is also a favored position that allows them to get up quickly.


Ahhh, if you’re one of those pet parents who allow your pups to nap in your bed then you’re surely accustomed to this position, albeit not every night. This is when you’ll feel your pup snuggled beside you with his back to your tummy. If you have other dogs, you may see them back-to-back to each other. This is one of the most comfortable positions for Bichon Frise puppies or any puppy for that matter. They are relaxed, comfortable, and feel loved, which is the ultimate goal!

We hope you’ve enjoyed this blog and learned a little more about how and why dogs sleep the way that they do. We have Bichon Frise puppies for sale waiting to snuggle with you! Take a look at all of our available puppies by clicking here and then come to pay us a visit!