Holiday Do’s and Don’ts for Pets

Halloween is over. Thanksgiving has come and gone.

There are still a few more celebratory holidays before the year is over. Now is the perfect time to educate and reiterate the importance of holiday pet safety.

Edible Gift Baskets

As we mentioned Halloween is long gone, but that doesn’t mean that the sweet treats have taken refuge! Gift baskets of food, candy, and various other treats are exchanged and dogs can smell each and every ingredient in the basket. Be sure to keep this and other treats for humans out of their reach and sight. Small pieces of hard candies are choking hazards to pets, particularly if they don’t have strong teeth and jaws. To be safe, keep these treats out of your pet’s reach.

Christmas Trees

Are you an artificial tree buyer or do you prefer to sniff and pick yours out of a local nursery? If it’s the latter, you must be very careful to ensure holiday pet safety. To keep your tree beautiful and healthy, you need to keep it watered. When doing so, try to keep your pets out of the area while your tree is soaking up the water. Never leave standing tree water accessible to your pets, unless it’s covered securely around the base.

Tree Decorations

While we’re talking about Christmas trees let’s also delve into the hidden dangers of your beautifully decorated tree.

Strands of Lights

Keep strands of lights off of the bottom branches of your tree. Pets are very curious and they will sniff around, which is natural. The hazard lies in your pet getting tangled and or potentially shocked if they bite to free themselves. Tape extra strands to a wall or nearby furniture for security.


There are tons of tragic stories of pets biting into pretty ornaments that entice your pets’ curiosity. If consumed, they are choking hazards; furthermore shards of broken glass can potentially injure their paws and mouths. Strategically place your precious ornaments in areas that aren’t accessible to your pet.


We want your holiday season to be memorable, because of the time spent with your family, friends, and loved ones. Holiday pet safety is paramount. No ER visits are allowed! Follow these simple steps to assist you!