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Does Your Dog Have A New Year’s Resolution?

As the year comes to an end, it is a tradition for most people to begin making plans for the approaching year. 

A new year’s resolution could either be to change an undesirable habit, continue with a good one, or achieve a goal.

As a dog owner, making plans and seeing to it that they are executed is as important for your pet as it is for you. 

Asides having a new year’s resolution list for yourself, you could as well compile one for your dog. 

New Year’s Resolution for Your Dog

The following are a few things that you could include on your dog’s new year resolution list:

Resolve to Exercises With Your Dog More Often

If you and Bella did not exercise enough this year, it is time to effect a change. Engaging your pet in exercises is not enough; you should also exercise alongside them. 

This implies that you should make your dog a part of your human exercises, such as walking, hiking, playing tennis, swimming. 

This not only helps you achieve your physical goals, it also promotes owner-pet bonding. 

Resolve to Feed Your Dog More Healthy Food

Feeding is an aspect of pet care that should not be overlooked or taken with levity. 

In the new year, make sure to feed Bella at least twice a day and also consult a veterinarian to ensure your pup’s feeding meets their nutritional needs. 

Resolve for Your Dog to Learn New Tricks

Teaching your dog to kiss, bark on command, fetch, throw, shake hands, roll over, play dead, sit pretty and many more tricks can be so much fun. 

It also gives your dog an advantage over other dogs. This new year, you could resolve to teach Bella more new tricks or perfect the ones she currently knows. 

Other things you could include on your dog’s new year resolution are spending more time together, more trips to the vet’s and more frequent baths.