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Decoding Your Furrylicious® Puppy’s Behavior in NJ


Decoding your Furrylicious puppy’s behavior might seem daunting in the initial stages. Yet, it serves as an engaging journey, offering insightful experiences. This journey becomes more enriching when you find yourself residing in the vibrant state of New Jersey (NJ), where there are plentiful resources facilitating proper puppy training. To help you on this journey, this article aims to provide some basic tips and outlines of typical puppy behavior that will assist you in understanding your Furrylicious puppy better.

Decoding The Never-Ending Energy

Your Furrylicious puppy, like most pups, is probably full of boundless energy. This is quite normal, as puppies are always moving, exploring, and learning about their world. Plenty of physical and mental stimulation in the form of games and puzzles can help manage this energy productively. However, it’s also important that your puppy gets plenty of rest, and, like babies, sleeping a lot is normal.

Why is My Puppy Biting?

Puppies usually bite and chew while teething. It’s their way of exploring the world. Redirect this behavior to prevent it from becoming excessive. Using chewable toys and treats or engaging them in training sessions could be a solution. Always remember, it’s normal for your puppy to chew and bite, the key is to manage it positively.

Excessive Barking: What Does It Mean?

While barking is normal dog behavior, excessive barking could indicate that your Furrylicious puppy is bored or anxious. Regular exercise, playtime and appropriate training can address this issue. In some cases, professional assistance might be needed.

Understanding the Potty Behavior

It’s crucial to understand and quickly respond to your puppy’s signs when it’s time for them to “go”. Every puppy is different, so be patient but attentive to their needs. Typical signs include sniffing, whining, circling or attempting to leave the room. A consistent potty training schedule is beneficial.


  1. Are Furrylicious puppies easy to train?

    Yes, Furrylicious puppies are known for their intelligence, making them easier to train with patience, consistency, and positive reinforcement.

  2. How long will it take for my puppy to adjust to a new home?

    Each puppy is unique, and the adjustment period may vary. However, most puppies typically take a few weeks.


Deciphering your Furrylicious puppy’s behavior isn’t as complicated as it might initially seem. With understanding, patience and consistency, you will soon be able to communicate effectively with your furry friend. Happy Puppy Parenting in NJ!