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Celebrating Your Furrylicious® Puppy’s First Year in NJ


Welcome to a year of endless cuddles, sloppy kisses, and heartwarming moments with your puppy. Your Furrylicious companion’s first year in NJ is a milestone worthy of celebration. This article provides an understanding of what to expect, how to make the most out of this year and few ways to celebrate this fantastic journey.

Understanding Your Furrylicious Puppy’s First Year

Your puppy’s first year is a whirlwind of growth and development. From a helpless 8 week old to an energetic adolescent, they undergo significant transformations within twelve months. It’s an exciting time to observe and cherish as they discover the world around them and develop their unique personalities.

The Importance of Positive Reinforcements

Positive reinforcement is key during this formative period. Equipping them with basic obedience training, introducing them to social situations, and practicing good behavior are all crucial components in shaping their character and behavior.

Nurturing Health and Well-being

Physical health is equally important. Regular vet visits, appropriate nutrition, and adequate exercise and mental stimulation will help ensure their optimal health and well-being. Remember, a healthy pooch is a happy pooch.

How to Celebrate Your Furrylicious Puppy’s First Year in NJ

Marking your puppy’s first year can be a fun and sentimental event. Here are some suggestions:

  1. Organize a doggie birthday party: Invite your pup’s furry friends over for some games, treats, and tons of fun.
  2. Visit a dog-friendly beach: Experience the joy of watching your puppy frolic in the sand and surf.
  3. Gift your puppy a new toy or treat: Show your love with a special gift – it could be their favorite chew toy or a gourmet doggie treat.
  4. Create a photo album or collage: Capture and collect all the memories of the past year into a visual chronicle.
  5. Send Furrylicious some pictures and a nice little story about your puppies quirks and we’ll feature you/them on our social media pages!!


What should I feed my Furrylicious puppy in the first year?

Feeding your pup high-quality puppy food specific to their breed size will ensure they get the necessary nutrients for their growth and development. While treats are useful in training and greatly enjoyed by your pup, be careful of “over-indulging”. Verbal praise and physical affection (can you say “belly rubs”!).

Are there specific veterinary checkups required in the first year?

Yes, your puppy should have regular check-ups and vaccinations as advised by your vet. Also, regular flea and worm treatments are necessary.


There you have it, the key aspects to understand, navigate and celebrate your Furrylicious puppy’s first year in NJ. It is indeed a roller coaster ride of emotions, but the companionship of a pet makes it all worthwhile. Happy Furry Birthday and Puppy New Year!