5 Common Mistakes Pet Owners Make

No pet owner is perfect!

We know that it doesn’t matter if you have purebred puppies or designer dogs, mistakes are going to happen. We’ve compiled a list of five common mistakes that pet owners make, unbeknownst to them. Hopefully, this will help thwart any future errors for current or future pet parents.

Mistake #1: Not following through with commands.

Some people believe that purebred puppies follow commands better and are easier to train. It doesn’t matter if they are purebred puppies or hybrid dogs, the competency of their training is up to pet parent and consistency. When teaching commands, you must always follow through with them. For example, only say “come” when you can be happy and lure your pet with a treat. Eventually, your dog will learn to respond to the command alone.

Mistake #2: Asking a friend or family member to watch your dog.

There’s nothing wrong with asking a friend or family member to watch your purebred puppies, however, you must make sure that you ask someone who is familiar with your dog and dogs in general. Unexpected health conditions or accidents can happen and you want to make sure that the person caring for your precious pup is mentally and physically equipped to do so.

Mistake #3: Expecting your pet to automatically make friends.

Some dogs are immediately comfortable with other animals but many are not. There is a story of a pet owner who had a dog that would cower and roll over upon entering a dog park because of fear. The same pet owner had another dog who entered the park upright and with confidence! It must be said that the latter dog was small and the former was large! Our point is that you shouldn’t expect your dog to simply “make friends” instantly. Never force an interaction and let things happen as naturally and smoothly as possible.

Mistake #4: Forgetting to register your microchip.

Microchipping your dog is only half the battle and unfortunately, many owners don’t realize or simply forget that you have to also register the microchip with your name and current contact information in order for it to work! If for some reason one of your purebred puppies is lost, if you’re not registered it will be hard to reconnect you with your dog!

Mistake #5: Leaving your dog in a hot car “for just a minute.”

We feel it necessary to mention this tragic mistake. Every year, dogs suffer and die when their owners make the mistake of leaving them in a hot car “for just a minute.” A minute is all it can take to make a fatal turn. Just don’t do it…ever.