Treats, Toys, or Both For Christmas?

Deck the halls with treats and toys! Santa Paws is around the corner with his sack of gifts and your puppy has stayed off Santa’s naughty list. You are looking forward to sharing the festive spirit with Lucy but you have no idea what exactly to get her for Christmas. Does she want treats or does she want toys?

You can never go wrong with toys. Toys keep your puppy busy and playful while taking her attention off some other things.

Self-amusement toys
These are more durable toys your Lucy can play with while she’s alone. You can get bone-shaped chew toys.

Training toys
These are toys that help with teething and help your puppy know what is okay to chew on. This includes chewing toys and balls.

Comfort toys
These toys are typically plush items your puppy bonds with. This includes stuffies Lucy can snuggle with.

Interactive toys
These toys help build and strengthen the bond between you and your puppy. A tug rope, a pacific loop, or frisbee fit into this category perfectly.

No doubt, aside from toys, Lucy deserves special treats for Christmas. After all, Christmas is the season of giving and no one is more appreciative than she is. You indulge in a lot of goodies that can’t be shared with your puppy. Instead, treat your puppy to a stocking full of treats for Christmas.

To start with, you can get your puppy different treats. These include dental treats to keep your puppy’s pearly whites in the best shape, training treats, bones, and fake bones.
As an excellent puppy parent, you should not just get just toys or just treats for your puppy. Find a good mix of toys and treats instead!