Kathleen D.

I walked into furrylicious after a very bad pet buying experience online. Our online deal was a scam, it was the week of Christmas and I was heartbroken. I was set in getting a shih tzu, and the owner and staff told
Me there was a puppy arriving that day. While
Speaking with them, the cutest yellow
Labrador caught my eye. With in a few minutes I picked her up and trust was it– love at first sight. The staff and owner were so wonderful! They offered financing to me if needed, vet recommendations. Food recommendations. And told that when I got my puppy checked by my vet of Choice should there be any ailments to contact them Immediately . None of that was necessary, but it was a nice reassurance. Anyway we have had our girl for close to three month, and  she is a happy healthy labrador. Things work out the way they are supposed to!