Denise C.

After four years with my Maltese – female named Mia, I’m more in love with her than ever! She came to us through Furrylicious in an happenstance way; my husband and I can’t thank both Stephanie and Cindy enough, nor can we express just how special Mia is and what she means to us.

Along with my endorsement of Furrylicious, I feel compelled to state with convinction that the activists who continually try to take down reputable businesses like Furrylicious dismay and discourage me. EVERY pet needs a home, a safe home, whether a rescue, or from a reputable breeder, and/or boutique shop like Furrylicious. Activists should focus their energy on the humans who abuse dogs – and other pets – and try to stop the cycle of mistreatment, abandonment, and abuse.

We met our Mia when she was 8 weeks new. She was cared for and loved by the Furrylicious team. We extended that love to our Mia when we took her to our home. She’s lucky to have us; we’re luckier to have her.  She adds so much joy to us and enriches our home. She goes everywhere with us, to the extent possible and is happy and healthy. I dare anyone to tell me I should have a rescue vs Mia from Furrylicious.

Thank you, Stephanie & Cindy. We and Mia love you and Furrylicious.

The Maltas