Upon arrival, all Furrylicious puppies come to us with full veterinary clearance and are re-examined by our veterinarians to ensure they are fully healthy and fit for sale. They represent the finest of dog breeds. The puppies are kept up to date with all exams and vaccinations for as long as they are in our care. You will receive complete medical records, pedigree information, microchip registration, and NJ Pet Purchase Protection warranties with your puppy purchase. This covers any illness within 14 days of purchase and congenital conditions found within six months of purchase. For those looking to buy a pet in NJ, please visit our FAQ for more information.

PLEASE NOTE: These beautiful, professionally bred puppies are listed for those interested in the best selection available for purchase. They are priced accordingly.

Furrylicious Listings of Puppies Available For Purchase In NJ

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About Furrylicious

Find puppies for sale in New Jersey. Furrylicious is your go-to destination for pups. From the radiant Mini Goldendoodles to the playful English Bulldogs and adorable Yorkies, our puppies come from the most reputable USDA licensed and inspected breeders per NJ State Law and Regulations. We distance ourselves from mills, ensuring every dog gets the love and care they deserve. Moreover, our commitment extends beyond just sales. Our dogs are more than just petsÔÇötheyÔÇÖre a part of our family. You can always add your favorites to your companion search and find male and female dogs that suit your needs. Connect with us, and letÔÇÖs ensure you find your next best friend at Furrylicious.

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Important and Helpful Information For Potential Puppy Owners

  • There is generally a high demand for puppies in New Jersey.
  • Our puppies can be found through reputable breeders. We have a variety of breeds available for sale.
  • Consider factors such as the puppy’s health, temperament, and breed characteristics when choosing a new pet.
  • It is important to research the breeder or organization before purchasing a puppy to ensure they are ethical and provide proper care for their animals.
  • Make sure the puppy has received necessary vaccinations and medical care before bringing them home.
  • Proper training, socialization, and regular veterinary check-ups are essential for raising a happy and healthy puppy.

  • PLEASE READ: These are beautiful, professionally bred puppies available for SALE.