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Furrylicious®: NJ’s Top Destination for Puppies

Furrylicious is more than a pet store—it’s a haven for dog lovers and a top destination for puppies in New Jersey. With devotion for providing joy and companionship through their puppies, Furrylicious continually embraces the responsibility of ensuring healthy, happy, and quality breeds.

Why Choose Furrylicious?

Whether you’re a first time dog owner or a seasoned pro, Furrylicious ensures that shopping for your new fur-baby is an unforgettable experience. Not only do we house a variety of pure and hybrid-mix breeds, we provide premium care and attention, excellent and ongoing veterinarian oversight and uphold a high standard of quality and welfare for our pups.

Top-Quality Breeds

Giving absolute priority to the health and temperament of our puppies, we collaborate with responsible and trustworthy breeders. This ensures that every puppy adopted from Furrylicious is not merely a pet, but a well-loved member of your family.

Spacious and Friendly Puppy Boutique

At Furrylicious, you don’t just find puppies—you find endless puppy-love. Housed within an immaculate facility, the spacious boutique offers a welcoming environment that your new puppy will love, and is a comfortable place for your family to visit.

Expert Guidance and Aftercare

We’re committed to ensuring our customers feel confident and informed about their puppies, hence we provide expert advice and post-adoption support that extend far beyond just purchasing your puppy.

Health Guarantee

At Furrylicious, we offer a comprehensive health guarantee for every puppy adopted from our boutique. This is a sincere promise that your fluffy companion is arriving to your home happy and totally healthy.


  1. What breeds are available at Furrylicious?We have an array of pure and designer breeds available. We recommend checking our website for the most up-to-date information.
  2. Does Furrylicious offer vaccinations for the puppies?Yes, all our puppies are up-to-date on vaccinations and deworming protocols before they go to their new homes.
  3. Do you socialize your puppies?Indeed. Furrylicious puppies, because of the unique boutique nature of our facility, receive plenty of attention and playtime with our staff, as well as with customers and visited so they can get used to meeting new people every day! We want to help develop your pup into a confident, friendly, well-behaved family member.


Furrylicious offers more than just puppies—we offer companionship, joy, and endless puppy-love. With our commitment to quality and welfare, backed by exceptional aftercare services, we are the ultimate destination for puppies in New Jersey. Begin your journey of new friendship and unconditional love with us at Furrylicious.