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Caring for Your Furrylicious® Puppy During NJ Winters

Braving the harsh cold winters in NJ can be a challenge, especially if you are a pet owner. Ensuring the safety and comfort of your Furrylicious puppy calls for special measures. Below are some key tips to help you along the way.

Understanding Why Winters are Tough for Your Furrylicious Puppy

Unlike humans, puppies cannot layer up in their winter clothing to fight off the cold. Additionally, they have a higher surface area to volume ratio than adult dogs, making them lose heat faster. Salty roads & sidewalks, which are common in NJ during winters, can also irritate and even injure their paws.

Equip Your Furrylicious Puppy with Suitable Accessories

Invest in winter gear for your Furrylicious puppy. Ensure they are well-insulated with doggy sweaters, puffer coats and rain gear. Footwear and balms for paw pads can help protect their paws from salt and frostbite.

Factors to Remember while Choosing Accessories

  • Size: The accessories should fit snugly, but not restrict movement.
  • Material: Avoid materials that your puppy might be allergic or sensitive to.

Monitor Your Puppy’s Diet and Hydration

Increase your puppy’s food intake as they burn more calories to generate heat. Ensure they stay well-hydrated as dry winter air, just like summer heat, can increase the risk of dehydration.

FAQs: Caring for Your Furrylicious Puppy During NJ Winters

Q1: How often should I take my puppy for vet-checkups during winters?
A1: If your puppy is still getting their puppy vaccinations, you will need to go to the vet several times during the first month or so until they are fully vaccinated. However, if your Furrylicious puppy shows signs of illness, you should bring them immediately.

Q2: Is it important to groom my puppy during winters?
A2: Yes, regular grooming – especially a nice, warm bath – helps to maintain a healthy coat and skin, preventing dryness. However, overbathing should be avoided as that can also dry out their skin. It’s best to use special puppy or even baby shampoos that are gentle on their skin. Avoid getting water in their ears and make sure to dry them well afterwards.


Keeping your Furrylicious puppy safe during NJ winters can be challenging but can also be a lot of fun! Most dogs love a good frolic in the snow (but some dogs and puppies will NOT – make sure to take cues from your pet about this). Following these tips will make the task easier. Remember, your attentive care and love are the warmest blankets your puppy could have!