All American Breeds

What are American puppies?

They’re exactly what you think. They’re American dog breeds that were made in America, specifically the United States of America. Cue the Springsteen favorite “born in the USA” lyric!

Much like clothes, products, technology, etc. are created in the United States, so have been various dog breeds. They can be dated back to the 16th century to more recent years. The American puppies were certainly at some point in time developed with the assistance of other dog breeds found in other parts of the world. Just like any other breed, they were developed with a particular purpose in mind. For instance, American puppies may have been bred to be hypoallergenic, or guide dogs, or simply loving companions whose sole purpose is to give and receive love!

Going back further in time, there are ancient dogs with an origin that may have reached the Americas over the Bering land bridge during the last Ice Age. These dogs accompanied their human counterparts approximately 12,000 to 35,000 years ago.

The aforementioned people eventually became known as Native Americans or American Indians. They have historically had dogs by their sides, helping them to perform daily duties. Those duties included guarding livestock, hunting and retrieving, serving as pack animals, and hauling large quantities of food and other possessions over rugged terrains. They were the first to actually domesticate dogs!

As a result, many dogs were being bred for specialized needs. A particular terrain needed sheepdogs to work the flocks better than a European dog. Urban dwellers required a terrier that would be much better suited to capturing specific American rats. Unfortunately, there were American puppies who were exploited for dog fighting purposes, too.

Moving forward to the 20th century, there was a greater desire to have American puppies be loving companions, emotional support, and filling healthy voids. The trend continues to grow and designer or hybrid breeds are created. Animal rights advocates are more prevalent and there’s protection of the loving canines that have filled the hearts and homes people across the world.