5 Reasons to get a Labradoodle Puppy

We’ve written an entire post about our Labradoodle puppy because they deserve it. 

These big and beautiful pups have so much more to offer than a photo op. Take a look at five reasons we think you should consider getting one of our Labradoodle puppies.

 Their Intelligence

Labradoodles belong to the working dog breeds group and that’s because they’re incredibly smart and quick to learn. Guess what. All you need to give them is 15 good minutes of training each day and you’ll have one of the most intelligent dogs out there.

 Their Vast History

The Labradoodle dog rose to fame in the mid 1950s as one of the first hybrid breeds. The puppies were initially bred by mixing Labs and poodles by creator Wally Conron, who recently stated he regrets created the dogs, as their existence opened Pandora’s box for designer dog breeding.

 Their Temperament

We’ve already talked about their intelligence, but we haven’t begun to cover their overall affable dispositions. These dogs are the creme de la creme! They are smart, sweet, eager to please, and great with kids. Because they are such family dogs, they absolutely hate being alone for long periods of time. They truly thrive off of being around family and they feel oh so sad when they’re left out…so don’t! 

 They’re Great Watchdogs

As watchdogs, they will fiercely protect your home and anyone in it. Just because they’re sweet doesn’t mean they aren’t ideal home protectors. Trust us, you don’t want to challenge Labradoodle puppies who have grown to adults.

 Their Activity Levels

Because they were bred as outdoorsy working dogs, their activity levels reflect that. Be mindful of outside activities during the summer because their thick coats can make them extremely hot and overheat. Overall, they are rather active dogs and they will benefit from daily exercises and they will enjoy every minute of it!