Steve M

This store is AMAZING!!!!! the store is super clean along with the puppies. The staff is super friendly and knowledgeable. I am a real customer, I was not told to write a review or do not work there. I walked in one day and heard ALOT of loyal customers say good things about furrylicious. I got my cavapoochon (Bailey) here 3 months ago. I had 2 different vets check him out and said the puppy was 100% HEALTHY and said what a beautiful puppy, where did you get him from? I have a rescue dog and he needed another playmate so we got him a puppy. We had tried other rescue dogs for him but were not a good match. In some cases rescue dogs are not always a good fit for people who already have dogs. I am already planning on getting my other puppy (sheltie) from here. I hope this review highlights the outstanding service I received by the owner, the manager(Jess) and the staff.