Jessica M.

I have brought my German Shepherd in to get groomed forever, hes a rescue so he has a bit of trouble getting used to people. But the owner and staff were patient and gentle with my big guy and he warmed up and loves going there now. One day when I dropped him off I was walking in and spotted the other love of my life (besides my shephard sammie) a perfect little yorkipoo who I named Loki, let me just tell you I was the absolute worst new mommy ever with this guy
Everything he did worried me! They helped me through all my anxieties from him being a picky eater(they actually sent me home with food they knew he liked) to him being a quiet little guy. My guys love Cindy and her staff just as much as they love me! When I say “who wants to go to furrylicious” they get excited and run to the door! I can’t thank you enough Cindy for not only taking care of my beautiful rescue, but for giving us a new addition to our family! We love you so much and cant tell you enough how much you have forever changed our lives! It makes me sad to read these negative reviews from people who clearly don’t know you guys! I have been a faithful furrylicious fanatic! And its because they have an awesome, clean, friendly establishment!!! With my busy schedule as a real estate agent sometimes its hard to make time to get my fur babies in but they are so flexible and accommodating. Thank you again for all the wonderful ways youve impacted our lives 🙂