Puppy FAQ’s


Where do your puppies come from?

We only deal with reputable, high-quality, professional breeders. By law we only buy from USDA licensed and inspected breeders who do not have any direct non-compliance issues. We do not buy from sub-standard breeders or unregulated “backyard” breeders.

What is included with the purchase of my puppy?

All Furrylicious puppies come to us with full veterinary clearance and are re-examined by our veterinarians upon arrival to ensure that they are fully healthy and fit for sale. The puppies are kept up to date with all exams and vaccinations for as long as they are in our care. You will receive complete medical records, pedigree information, microchip registration and NJ/NY Pet Purchase Protection warranties with your puppy purchase. This covers any illness within 14 days of purchase and congenital conditions found within 6 months of purchase.

We will provide you with all of the information you need to take care of your puppy when you get home and we are always available for support and advice once you leave the store.

Do I have to fill out an application to get a puppy?

While placing our puppies in an appropriate home is of utmost importance, we do not require an extensive application to do so. We base the decision to place the puppy on a more informal process of working with you in the store to determine your readiness and the best fit for you and your family. Because we are not dealing with dogs with behavioral or medical issues, the screening process is more relaxed. Our puppies are bred for temperament & health and are well socialized from an early age, so are great family-companion pets for most situations. We do, however, at managements’ discretion, reserve the right to deny a sale to any individual for any reason we believe will compromise the well-being of the puppy.

What if I decide the puppy I purchased is not working out?

The decision to purchase a puppy is a serious, long-term commitment and as such should be carefully considered. We will discuss at length the care your puppy will need, but anyone purchasing a puppy must realize that this pet will rely on you for physical, emotional and financial support for its entire life, usually 12 – 18 years. We do realize, however, that there are times when a family gets home with their puppy and decides the situation is not working. The happiness and safety of our puppies is paramount at Furrylicious so we will work with you to rectify the situation. If within 24 hours you decide the puppy is not for you, we will take him back with a refund less 20% of the purchase price. After 24 to 96 hours, you will be refunded 50% of the purchase price only. After that timeframe, at managements’ discretion, we will work with you to rehome the puppy, however no refund will be given in this case.

Why don’t I receive a full refund if I return a puppy?

For a number of reasons. First, once a puppy leaves our premises we have no way to ensure its fitness for sale without a veterinary examination. Second, the sales process is involved, requiring much staff time and effort. Third, all puppy paperwork and documentation must be updated and re-imported into our system. And finally, we miss other opportunities to place a puppy by you having him or her out of the store – often on a weekend.


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  • PLEASE READ: These are beautiful, professionally bred puppies available for SALE.

    They are NOT rescue dogs. These puppies are priced accordingly. French, English and other Bulldogs and other specialty/rare breeds can be considerably more. If you are looking to ADOPT a homeless pet, please look for a reputable, local shelter or rescue.